Undefined Gameworld Cardinality

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Out of date.
It has been superseded by something that has been published elsewhere.

Many games, though they do have spatial relationships, are presented in such a way to the player as to describe a game world that is either physically impossible, illogical or simply incomplete. In other words, it is not possible for the player to determine the cardinality of the game world.

This is often seen in text-based games that, though allowing the player to "move" using common spatial conventions such as north, south, east and west, fall into paradoxes where moving west and then moving east do not return the player to the same place. In these cases, the locations and their spatial relationship is ambiguous to the player.

Another example can be seen in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Links Awakening. At one point in the game the player has to navigate a maze. The maze is a series of "screens" that must be navigated in the correct order in order. For example, the player must go up, left, left, up, down and right. If the player goes up, left, left and then right he appears in the starting location.

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