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Performance Record is a value or list of values that represent the top performances recorded for a particular game. Performance Records are usually accompanied by the name or initials of the player that recorded that value. The actual goal metric displayed on a performance record may vary, in many games it is simply the highest scores. In other games, such as racing games, it tends to be the shortest times.

If the Performance Record represents more than one value it is commonly referred to as a High Score Table.


Strong examples

World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, before the recent change to the system, the Player vs. Player system had a ranked ladder. Not only was the player rewarded with powerful items for achieving the high ranks, but they also received titles in front of their in-game name, such as 'High Warlord' or 'Grand Marshal'.


Pac-man uses Score, and the highest Score is recorded and displayed at all times at the top of the screen as "high score". When a player breaks the high Score, the Performance Record continues to change as the player records a higher Score. No name is recorded in the Performance Record.


Tetris uses Score, and the three highest Scores are recorded for each game type. The Perforance Records are displayed on the screen while the player is choosing the level. A name is recorded with each record.