Gravity Manipulation

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This is a proposed entry.
This entry is currently being proposed as a permanent part of the ontology. It should be considered a draft and not really part of the "official" ontology.

It is possible to alter the effects of gravity during game play to allow access to new areas or alter the gameplay.


Strong Examples


In both the single and multiplayer modes of Half-life, it is possible to change the gravity settings by typing commands into the console. This can be use to alter gameplay by lowering the effects of gravity allowing huge jumps to be accomplished or by increasing the effects of gravity to cause players to die from walking off of small ledges.


In the FPS Prey, the player can alter gravity in two ways. In one, you walk on special metal bridges. In the other, you shoot some pads so the gravity shifts. The gravity shifting is usually used to get past obstacles.

Weak Example

In Half-Life 2 the gravity gun allows the effects gravity has upon objects selected to be manipulated by the user.



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